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Bread is the foundation of every good meal and we at Militello's Italian Bakery are proud to offer a wide variety of handcrafted, fresh breads. We realize that our success depends upon our customers and our mission is to masterfully produce the highest quality of breads and rolls coupled with an aggressive pricing structure along with extraordinary customer service. This is what we promise to you as our customer. - Frank Militello


Militello's Italian Bakery is an original family owned and operated bakery that began in 1973 on Connecticut Street in Buffalo New York. Today, Militello's bakery provides South Florida businesses with the same recipe for success that made it an indispensable provider to the chefs in New York.

"Our bread is baked fresh daily with the expertise and experience of traditional bakers. In order to produce high-quality bread on a daily basis, we minimize the use and taste of commercial retardants that you find in any of the commercial brand products sold by our competitors. Instead, we rely on our own natural starters."

The family composed of Frank, Frank Jr., Donna and Tom all work side-by-side at the bakery.

"We produce bread with the finest ingredients and in a controlled environment to ensure that the fullest flavor and textures are attained. We don't compromise on the flavor and freshness that so many of the mass produced products on the market today forfeit."

Once the family moved their bakery from New York to Florida, it didn't take long for the secret to get out. Within 70 days of opening the South Florida bakery, Frank had to expand the business to handle all of the incoming orders. He continues to expand to this day, adding cookies, cakes and pastries to their widely successful line of fine Italian and Artisan bread.

"Since we stand by our name and product with pride, we welcome you to contact us for free samples and we invite you to visit our bakery and witness our daily production of quality bread. We are positive you will not be disappointed." - Frank Militello

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"...Militello's breads will quite simply be the best you have ever had the privilege to butter."
South Florida Chronicle

"To step out on the bakery floor is the equivalent of dying and going to Italian Heaven with breads and rolls cooking everywhere and filling the place with mouth watering aromas!"
South Florida Chronicle

"...The company that gives us some of the finest baked goods in South Florida is going into the dessert business. My taste buds can't even wait!"
South Florida Chronicle

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